The Microphone Died

Painted Post Road

Don't Stand in
my Room

One Day You'll be Sorry Too

Brown Balloons

Bedsit Bones

Closed Curtains

Awake CD

Sewn with Stitches

There's Nothing to Explain
The Antiques & Unlucky Atlas 7" single

The Antiques cassette

deconstructed songs from awake:
paper bows
you're crushing my world
ghost close

live video:
primal (cover of song by slowdive) in fredericksburg, virginia
collaboration with alcian blue
at walls of soundfest 2
september 23, 2006
video courtesy of dj jaguar of the trans-atlantic underground

live video:
bedsit bones in naples, florida
december 30, 2004
greg and theresa playing in pedro and amanda's backyard

live & unreleased