"You're an act that can't be followed" is one of my favorite songs from 2005. It's exquistely written and arranged. Melancholy as hell but also strangely beautiful. They're local, so check this band out when you get a chance, especially if you dig The Velvet Underground."
-Rick Taylor (We Fought the Big One indie night DJ)

"With the tasteful styling of John Rickman on drums and texturing of Theresa Kim on organ, The Antiques are producing a sound all their own. Originally Svitil's solo project, their songs are conceived in his bedroom and possess a certain intimacy and urgency that can only be wrought in private."
-On Tap Magazine, December 2005

Washington City Paper Pop Quiz, 9/9/2005

"They're called The Antiques and I'm predicting that they're gonna be huge...The show they put on was just great. I was hooked from the first few songs. I'm not sure how to describe their sound, but comparisons have been made to bands like the Smiths and Felt..." read more
- Glueslabs, August 2005

"There's Nothing to Explain" is a plodding, depressing song about nihilism that I hope was cathartic for its writers, but could make an emotionally weak person cut their wrists."
Impact Press, Feb./Mar. 05